Six Signs of Infidelity

According to recent statistics nationally, 54% of women and 57% of men have committed infidelity at least once.  In more than 40% of overall marriages in the United States one of the partners has cheated on their wife or husband. It seems like that’s a very high percentage of couples that don’t remain faithful.

Firstly, if you suspect your spouse is being unfaithful, you should calmly gather the facts.  An objective assessment of the situation is very important if you have suspicions that your partner is committing marital infidelity.  First of all, you should decide for yourself if you are ready, or really want to know the truth. As per the above mentioned statistics, the possibility that your suspicions will be justified is quite high.

At Bond Investigations in Austin, we believe that if you suspect your partner, it’s an instinct you shouldn’t ignore.  Suspicion never comes from nowhere; sometimes we just can’t find the material evidence for these feelings. Therefore, our professional private investigators in Austin have compiled a list of the most common reasons that clients come to us with suspicions of infidelity.

Evidence of Infidelity

  1. Their husband or wife begins to spend less time at home, giving excuses of a suddenly increased workload or late meetings.
  2. Their attitude towards you has changed. Is your spouse suddenly more, or less interested in sex? This is frequently an indication of changed attitudes about the marriage.
  3. Absent-mindedness or fatigue, if not associated with any medical diseases, is often a sign of distraction.
  4. Increased interest in their appearance, changing regular diet or exercise habits, unusual perfume, makeup traces on clothes can all be signals that your partner is looking for a new mate.
  5. Infidelity quite often leads to different spending habits that will reflect on the family budget.  Did you find unexplained expenses?  Does your spouse who usually uses credit cards carry cash all of a sudden?
  6. The spouse might exhibit new habits in communication such as excessive secrecy while on the telephone or increased frequency of e-mail checking. Erasing history of internet activity in browsers and deleting text messages can also be evidence that your spouse has something to hide. They could also be frequently unavailable on the phone, or missing from their job during work hours.

 What Should I do now?

These hints can help you to identify the reasons for your feelings of suspicion about Infidelity.  Are you tired of imagining the worst?  You should firstly decide if you want to know the truth.  If you decide to do so, call the private detectives from Bond Investigations Agency in Austin.  We can carry out all of the necessary investigative measures.  These could include covert surveillance of the spouse in Austin, or anywhere in Texas, information gathering, collection of photo and video evidence.

Through a properly documented infidelity investigation, you may obtain evidence that could be helpful if you pursue a divorce.

Finally, if you are ready to know the truth, contact Bond Investigations- private detective agency in Austin.