Finding a Missing Person in Austin

In many detective stories, the heart of the case is a missing person.  In real life, people go missing every day.  These people might have run away, or might be the victim of a crime.  Consequently, finding a person who can’t be located is crucial to friends, family or  the authorities.  Any well respected detective agency works on these cases and Bond Investigations in Austin is no exception.  These cases are at the core of our efforts, because reuniting loved ones is vitally important for many reasons.

Types of Missing Person investigations.

While there are many reasons why clients might want to find somebody, in Austin, the most common reasons for missing person searches are:

  1. The sudden, unexplained disappearance of a friend or family member.
  2. Searching for a debtor who has failed to repay a loan at the appropriate time.
  3. Looking for extended family, or long-lost family members.
  4. Trying to obtain contact information for a romantic partner from the past.
  5. Judicial location investigations; these are frequently the most complex. This type of investigation can involve seeking out either witnesses, or defendants in both civil, and criminal court cases.

Why do private detectives work better than police?

There are several problems that face the Austin P.D. and all police, when it comes to missing persons cases.  Primarily, these are issues of manpower and priority.  If the person in question isn’t a wanted fugitive, or in danger of being the victim of a crime, the resources of the department might or might not be applied to the case as a high priority.  Police departments deal with a wide range of criminal issues, so finding a family member who has simply disappeared might not draw their focus like a robbery or murder.  Additionally, many missing persons cases end up being simple misunderstandings.  Detectives often work many cases simultaneously as well, so it can sometimes be very difficult for the police to act quickly on a missing persons case.

Why are missing person cases so time sensitive?

If a person is missing and the people looking for them have no idea as to the reason for the disappearance, every moment counts.   Missing persons can be increasingly difficult to located over time.  In these situations, it’s very important to act in a timely manner.

 What should I do if I need to find a missing person?

If a loved one is missing, the best thing to do is to contact a private investigation agency promptly. Bond Investigations in Austin can assist you with locating the whereabouts of the missing person. No matter the reason for the disappearance, or the reason you are searching for the person, Bond Investigations in Austin will work quickly and thoroughly to help resolve the case.