Four Keys to Surveillance

When most people think about private investigators, they picture a gumshoe, sweating it out in a dusty van.  While investigators do physical surveillance regularly, it’s a very complex art that requires a varied skill set and lots of training.  Let’s take a look at some of the elements that make for a strong, effective and thorough surveillance case.


Above all, it’s crucial that the investigator remains hidden from the target.  Firstly, this removes the element of surprise if you are gathering evidence.  Frequently, the target of the investigation will alter their behavior if they suspect that they are being watched.  This could make it much harder to catch them in the act.  As such, keeping out of sight is a major key to success.  Additionally, if the investigator doesn’t hold the gathered evidence to himself, the target of the investigation might know how best to defend themselves in court or a civil case such as a divorce.


While it’s not exciting, the best results in a surveillance case are often found if the investigator is given the time and resources to build a complete case.  This might be a picture of a cheating spouse, or an employee who is collecting disability out playing softball.  It could be details of a routine that proves a competitor is spying on your business.  Given time, a private investigator can help give you a clear picture of what’s really going on.  As a result, this can be the difference between success and failure in a court or civil case.


In today’s world, investigators need to understand the impact of social media and how it impacts modern investigations.  Did you know that frequently, images from social media can provide proof of a person’s whereabouts?  Frequently, lawyers can use this evidence in court cases to prove or disprove alibis.  Even if the target of an investigation might not have used social media, a picture that confirms their location at a specific time could exist.


The best private investigators know from experience that every surveillance situation is different.  As a result, they might use a wide range of techniques to gather the evidence you need.  This might mean photography taken from long range, or video evidence from a hidden camera.  Every situation is different.  The team at Bond Investigations in Austin has the tools, training and experience to gather the evidence you need.